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Digital Marketing Depot is a resource center for digital marketing strategies and tactics. We feature hosted white papers and E-Books, original research, and webcasts on digital marketing topics -- from advertising to analytics, SEO and PPC campaign management tools to social media management software, ecommerce to e-mail marketing, and much more about internet marketing. Digital Marketing Depot is a division of Third Door Media, publisher of Search Engine Land, MarTech and producer of the conference series Search Marketing Expo and MarTech. Visit us at

Performance marketing

Why does structured data matter for SEO?

Structured data represents a huge opportunity for SEOs to communicate key information with search engines, boost content visibility, and reach target audiences. It makes it easier for search engine crawlers to extract and understand specific information related to the content, in this case, the kind of product, the aggregate rating, available offers, and product reviews. […]


Is it time to graduate to Google Analytics 360?

It’s a common concern for marketers and analysts worldwide: As your business has grown, so have your needs for complete and accurate data that can be integrated with other platforms. It might be time to upgrade to Google Analytics 360. This eBook from InfoTrust will provide you with everything you need to know when considering […]

Marketing operations (MOps)

Advanced AdWords Strategies to Personalize Experiences and Drive Revenue

Paid search is brutally competitive. Everyone is using the same tactics to drive conversions. How do you separate your AdWords campaigns from your competitors’ to acquire more customers at a lower CPL? The answer is with personalization. There are new data-driven strategies you can use to target the right audience with the right AdWords campaign […]

Performance marketing

2018 paid search benchmark report from Adthena — How do you compare?

A challenge in the search industry is that typically advertisers only have access to a single data set (their own). Competitive insights allow advertisers to benchmark individual performance against industry or category averages. For senior decision-makers in digital, this intelligence can be used to refine, iterate and optimize search campaigns. This benchmark report from Adthena […]

Customer experience

7 personalization strategies to convert more callers to customers

Digital advertising has gone mobile. And when consumers engage with a company’s digital ads and website on their smartphones, they often convert in the most convenient and immediate way: by calling. Thanks to smartphones, the volume of call conversions from digital advertising has exploded. Research predicts that calls to US businesses from mobile search, social […]

Marketing management

Buy vs. Develop It Yourself: Considerations for Scaling Your Ad Network

The question of whether to buy a performance marketing platform or develop core capabilities in-house is central to every ad network. For network owners and CTOs, who are under constant pressure to deliver innovation and revenue, it’s a decision with direct impact on short- and long-term business growth. Download this e-book from Tune to discover: […]

Performance marketing

Unifying your search and social ad strategies

Change is constant in digital marketing. Experienced marketers realize it’s no longer enough to run campaigns in silos. How can you apply your search marketing expertise to amplify your organization’s social advertising efforts (and vice versa)? Join our paid search and social ad experts as they explore the advantages of unifying your search and social […]

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